4 Reasons Your Scalp Feels Dry

If there were a list of the most inconvenient things to happen to someone, number one would probably be planning out your whole day to get to a place on time only to get stuck in traffic unexpectedly. Number two would be an itchy scalp. 

While we can’t do much about traffic, there is still something that could be done for a dry scalp. 

After all, a dry scalp is often related to hair fall with many people, and there might be some connection between the two. Scalp pruritus or dry scalp in everyday language is something almost everyone experiences at a point in their life. The relationship between this condition and hair fall can be understood if we look into what causes a dry scalp.

A reaction to the wrong type of hair product, inflammation or irritation of the hair follicle, and fungal infections are some causes of hair fall and an itchy scalp. 


Another connection between the two problems is scratching. There is only one reasonable way to relieve it whenever you have an itch. Scratch. But scratching your scalp vigorously might solve the problem temporarily, but in the long term, you’re damaging your scalp. Scratching aggressively damages the skin on the scalp and the hair follicles. This may result in scabbing, blood loss, and temporary hair fall. The hair fall can stop if you can curb the scratching. 

Chemical Products:

Another cause of an itchy scalp can be chemicals used in our frequently used hair products. It is common for people to have an allergic reaction to anything used in the hair, including shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair mousse, and hair dye. If you notice irritation in your scalp, try switching up your hair products to something more gentle. 


 Folliculitis is the fancy word for when your hair follicles get inflamed due to a bacterial or fungal infection. Fungal infections sound bad and sometimes make you feel bad for not taking care of yourself properly; however, they are nothing to be ashamed about. They can often be caused in reaction to some products being used and can be treated with medication. 

Medical Conditions:

Some medical conditions cause hair fall and can result in an itchy scalp.

  1.  Alopecia areata is a condition that may cause small chunks of hair to fall out. While there is no concrete reason for why it occurs, alopecia is shared with people with an autoimmune disease or with people who have family history of the disease. 
  2. Dandruff is a common cause of a dry, itchy scalp. People commonly notice dead skin flakes when they scratch their heads or throughout the day. Dandruff doesn’t typically cause hair loss, but if it is left untreated for a while, then dandruff may cause hair fall.  
  3. Dandruff can usually be treated with products catered to targeting dandruff, including shampoos, creams, and ointments. 

The most significant cause of an itchy scalp has to do with the products you put in your hair, so make sure to use ingredients that are good for your hair and your scalp to ensure you’re not scratching away at your head. 

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