5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Reduce Hair Fall

You've realized that the hair loss you're experiencing is more than shedding. You've started to seek treatment to feel like the best version of yourself. Is there more you should be doing? 

A brief answer. Yes. 

Even though hair fall is a natural process experienced by many, there is still a lot that can be done to prevent hair loss. 

Curate Your Hair Wash Days

Keeping your hair clean is crucial to ensure you don't suffer from excessive hair loss. The human body has a beautiful function where your body simply tells you what to do. If you're hungry, your stomach growls, and you know you need to eat. If your head hurts from staying up too late binge-watching a show on Netflix, your body is telling you to turn off the screen and sleep (we're all guilty of a binge every now and then, so you're good). Similarly, your hair tells you when it's time for a wash. Washing your hair excessively strips it of the natural oils it needs and harms the health of your scalp.

On the other hand, delaying washing your hair leads to oil accumulating in your scalp. Product and oil buildup can clog your hair follicles and cause more damage in the long run. Finding a happy medium is crucial. 

Diets (The Helpful Kind)

You can find a lot of weight loss crash diets on the internet which might not be the best fit and spread misinformation. The only thing those diet plans get right is: you need to give your body the proper nutrients. A study conducted in 2018 revealed that a diet with fresh herbs and raw vegetables helps prevent the risk of hereditary baldness in men and women or slows the process giving you the time to use other preventative measures. A diet rich in greens and herbs such as basil, salad greens, parsley, etc., is known as a Mediterranean Diet and can be incorporated into your meal plans three times a week. 

Another thing to include in your diet is a healthy intake of proteins. Hair follicles are made of a protein called keratin. Eating foods rich in protein can improve your hair and is an excellent addition to your diet. 

Onion Juice (Don't Worry We Won't Make You Drink It)

Onion Juice has been known to promote hair growth. While scientists haven't narrowed down why onion juice is effective, they believe it has to do with its sulfur content. Applying crude onion juice to the hair twice a day has improved people suffering from alopecia. Onion juice is available on the market, but if you're skeptical about the ingredients, you can always make it yourself. Simply chop an onion into four pieces and squeeze out the juice (or use a juicer if you're not The Hulk). You can also throw onions into a blender with spoonfuls of water to make a paste and apply that to your hair. 


Hair loss and stress are correlated. Often, the stress we have in our eternal life starts affecting our internal system. Meditation and Yoga have been used to relieve stress. Yoga is also helpful in increasing blood flow in the body. Read more about how stress can trigger hair fall and how Ko can help on our blog.

Gentle Styling 

If you're on a journey to recover from hair loss, one crucial tip to keep in mind is to go easy on your hair. Sometimes, we think things will go right when we've started to take preventative measures. We need to realize that we need to create the right environment for our hair to recover. Talk to your stylist about using products that aren't full of harmful chemicals. Share your hair journey with them to better understand how to help you. 

While hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of or feels guilty about, it can cause a chink in your armor of confidence. You've started taking the proper steps in your hair growth journey using the Ko Stimulating Scalp Tonic. Use these suggested tips along with Ko Stimulating Scalp Tonic for effective results. 

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