It’s Never Too Early To Start Taking Care of Your Hair to Prevent Damage & Hair Loss

You don't always have to start caring for yourself when the problems have already begun! In our busy lives trying to juggle work and school, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and focus on the essential things like assignments due at 11:59 pm and work deadlines until we hit a bump in the road and are forced to reel back and take care of ourselves. 

Research has revealed that stress affects all parts of your body, including your hair. But stress isn't the only thing that affects your hair health. 

Different things affect your bodies, so it's essential to start taking preventive measures before the problem crops up in the first place. 

Here is a list of things you can do to nip the hair problems in the bud. 

Scalp Care

We tend to spare some time to tame our hair, whether knowingly or unconsciously. Whether you have an extensive hair styling routine where you shampoo, condition, use a hair mask, or just a quick wash to have clean hair, we are conditioned to make sure our hair is clean. But the scalp never gets the TLC it deserves. A healthy scalp ensures better hair growth, so we need to make sure our scalp is healthy and free of flakes. Adding a gentle scalp exfoliant into your hair routine once a week can help. 

Sunscreen For The Hair

It's easy for us to squeeze sunscreen out from a tube and slap it on our skin, but when we step out, we don't leave our hair at home, so why don't we extend the same sun care to our hair? While hair does an excellent job of covering the scalp, it doesn't protect the scalp from the damaging UV rays emitted by the Sun. Using sunscreen near your hairline and between the parts of your hair can help prevent sun damage. Alternatively, some products can help prevent sun damage to the hair. 

Cool Your Locks

Hot showers are a blessing, especially when you have had a long and stressful day with work or school. But as inviting as those showers are, the damage it leaves on your scalp can be long-lasting. Hot water can dry out your hair strands and your scalp, so it's best to use lukewarm water when washing and conditioning your hair. Always try to end your shower with cold water. The cold water will help close off the cuticles on your scalp giving your hair an overall smoother look.  

Regular Hair Trims

It can be hard to figure out when you're ready for a hair trim, especially if you have a busy schedule. But a tell-tale sign that you need to be in a salon chair is when the ends of your hair are blunt and straw-like. Dealing with split ends at the right time can ensure healthier hair. As a general rule, hair trims are due every six to eight weeks depending on the health of your hair. 

Experiment With Your Conditioner

Conditioner is the best thing that exists for your hair. There are different ways you can use conditioner depending on your hair type. The traditional shampoo and then condition approach, while popular, may not work for everyone. If you have fine hair, you should try the reverse shampoo method. You would condition your hair first, rinse out the conditioner and then shampoo your hair afterward. You can also use your conditioner as a leave-in product or a hair mask. Explore your hair type to learn how to utilize your conditioner correctly. 

Natural DIYs

DIYs have been all the rage for a few years, and rightfully so. Something is exciting about using ordinary household items for an unexpected purpose. There are so many classic hair-related DIYs that have been tried and tested. Some of these include coconut oil as a deep conditioning mask, peppermint oil to cool the scalp, aloe vera to nourish the hair strands, which are just some things among a long list of helpful DIYs. 

Make some time for yourself in your busy schedules and try out some of these DIYs to take better care of your hair. 

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