Natural Remedies for Hair Fall

How many times have you brushed your hair only to be horrified when you see the hair strands that abandoned your scalp and stuck to the hairbrush? 

If your answer was something around the lines of “way too often” or “often enough to be worried about hair fall,” then you are not alone. 

Hair is an integral part of one’s identity and a form of self-expression. Losing hair at any age can be a blow to one’s self-esteem. Most people tend to lose around 50 to 100 strands every day. The number may appear alarming but remember, humans have 100,000 hair follicles on their heads. While losing 50-100 strands is normal, it can be concerning if you’re losing more than that every day. 

There are many causes of hair fall. Men are more likely to suffer from baldness as compared to women. For men, the reasons for baldness include genetics, thyroid diseases, and a high level of a hormone called androgen, among other things. Women are more likely to suffer from hair thinning. 

Hair loss is sometimes genetic, and sometimes it is triggered by external factors such as illness, stress, or chemical products for hair.

In any case, there are some natural methods that you can implement to promote hair growth.

Massaging the scalp

  • Massaging the scalp using beneficial oils can promote blood circulation in the scalp. Massaging is thought to increase hair growth and improve the overall health of the scalp. 
  • A tip when massaging your scalp is to use your fingertips, NOT your nails. While the sensation might be pleasant momentarily, you might damage your scalp if you scratch yourself too hard. 
  • Use gentle circular motions with your fingers for a relaxing pick-me-up that is beneficial for your hair in the long run!

Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera is known to have soothing properties. People tend to use aloe vera to treat first and second-degree burns because of the plant's soothing properties. 
  • Applying aloe vera to your hair can help reduce dandruff that blocks hair follicles and comes in the way of hair growth.

Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil can prevent hair fall by working deep in the hair to prevent protein loss from hair. 
  • Coconut Oil has been proven beneficial to hydrate hair strands and prevent hair fall.


  • Ginseng has been noted to promote the growth of skin cells on the scalp. This growth, in turn, helps increase the health of the scalp and hair follicles.

Rosemary Oil

  • Rosemary oil not only promotes hair growth but is also said to prevent graying of hair and dandruff. 

All these ingredients and tricks are beneficial to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. But if you can’t find the time to incorporate them into your hectic routine, consider the Ko Naturals Hair Tonic, which includes all these ingredients PLUS more. Spray into your hair and massage gently for effective results.

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