My Journey with Ko Naturals Stimulating Scalp Tonic

I have always been the adventure-seeking, youthful type. As I get older, I try to maintain an easy-going and fun-loving outlook on life in everything that I do - but found that losing my hair inhibited my ability to do so. I felt young at heart, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t look young anymore. I soon came to terms with the fact that it’s normal to care about something like hair loss, and I wanted to do something about it.

My wife is a heath and wellness coach, and we try to teach our kids the value of knowing what you’re putting into your body - with food, medicine, wellness/beauty products. Sure, there are a lot of hair growth products on the market that have been proven to stimulate hair growth - but what’s really in them?

If you do your research, and thanks to my wife I always try to, I found that the lengthy lists of side-effects and horror stories that came from finasteride (the main chemical used commonly in hair growth) outweighed the benefits of possibly getting some of my hair back.

A friend of my wife’s recommended Ko Naturals stimulating scalp tonic to me. The natural ingredients we’re a big selling point for me. That, and the price is very reasonable. Read more to follow my hair journey using Ko Naturals.

After a week, my Ko stimulating scalp tonic arrives in the mail, so I immediately start using it that night. Overall, I didn’t notice a huge difference as far as smell or overall texture, after using the tonic for a week my hair was definitely a little bit fuller.

The product does have a strong natural smell, but it doesn’t end up making your hair smell because I am eventually rinsing it out and using shampoo and conditioner after. If I choose the leave-in method, the smell gets less potent after time. After just one month, I have not seen any *new growth.* It is advertised to take two months to see visual results. But, I will say that the little hair that I do have on my head has become much thicker and healthier-feeling.

After two months, I have already ordered another bottle of the scalp stimulating tonic because I can’t believe the difference in my hair. Even my kids have commented on it. The hair that I already had is growing and thickening and I am starting to see growth in places where I had lost my hair. I’m starting to feel and look like the real me again.

I feel so good about using this product because I know that there are no harsh chemicals or drugs. Even better, my wife approves too. When I set out to find a non-toxic hair growth product that works this is exactly what I was picturing. I can’t wait to continue using their tonic and will certainly buy more products if they ever expand.

- Steve M

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