My Life Has Changed After Using Ko Naturals Hair Tonic For 2 Months

As a woman, I started losing large amounts of my hair when I was 18. When I went to the doctor, she told me that I was losing my hair due to stress. At 18, I definitely didn’t think I was stressed enough to be losing my hair, but that was the only explanation. When “stress” starts affecting you in physical ways, especially your hair falling out, it’s bound to make you stress out more. Yep, it’s a vicious cycle.

I’m now 28, and I’ve tried every hair growth product under the sun. I’ve taken supplements, taken up yoga, even stopped eating meat. My thin hair still gets thinner each year. I try my best to stay away from products that have harsh chemicals, which is extremely challenging when it comes to hair growth.

I heard about Ko Naturals from a friend who had bought the hair tonic for her husband and was raving about it. I was immediately interested because of the natural ingredients, but also skeptical about the effectiveness.

I purchased the stimulating scalp tonic, which you can massage into your scalp before you shower and wash your hair. You can also use it after the shower and leave it in your hair and go about your day.

Package arrives in the mail:

  • The packaging is super clean and has an all-organic look and smell. The product does smell strong, which I was expecting based on the ingredients list.

After two weeks:

  • I’ve definitely gotten used to the smell and don’t pay attention to it anymore. My hair is starting to feel a lot softer and silkier which is surprising because usually, the products that make your hair feel super fresh and clean are the big brand products with harsh ingredients.
  • I have been doing a combination of using the tonic before I shower and leaving it on for at least 15 minutes, OR using it after I shower, (It doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy!).
  • The product feels nice on my scalp, there is no burning or strange sensations.

After one month:

  • My hair has gotten visibly longer and each strand looks and feels stronger. When I brush or comb my hair with my fingers, a lot less falls out than normal! I’m in awe that I’m seeing some progress after just two months.

After six weeks:

  • My hair overall has gotten softer and thicker simultaneously. I never wear my hair up because it is easier to see my hair loss, and it will likely break and easily come out in the hair elastic. I have been wearing my hair up a lot more! I’ve had minimal hair loss and breakage which is a new experience for me.

After two months:

  • My hair is visibly fuller and feels so much stronger. My patchy areas with less hair have been growing back. I really can’t believe it.
  • All my closest friends and family have noticed the change in my hair, and my overall mood and confidence!
  • I've recommended the Ko hair tonic to anyone that I know who struggles with hair loss/growth - or anyone who knows someone who struggles.

Give Ko Naturals Stimulating Scalp Tonic a try.

- Sarah A

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