What do Aloe Vera products do for your hair?

Aloe Vera products are everywhere, and for good reason too; the gel has been used for centuries as a natural burn remedy, a moisturizer, and a coolant. It’s great for your skin, sure, but what do Aloe Vera products do for your hair?

Well, according to a recent study that contrasted Aloe Vera products with lab-made synthetic shampoos, quite a lot! The shampoo made with the Aloe Vera product Aloe elegans gel, especially the shampoo comprised of 96.4-96.6% gel, had better foam stability, higher surface tension, and a shorter wetting time, adding up to a shampoo that either performed comparably to or better than the commercial synthetic stuff. Aloe Vera products work as natural hair cleaning solutions that don’t leave chemical residue or sediment in your hair, all without compromising any quality.

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