How do ginseng benefits for hair work?

The research surrounding ginseng benefits for hair is well-established, peer-reviewed, numerous, and really hard to read if you don’t have a spare hour to puzzle through organic chemistry descriptions. Which is a shame! Everyone should know about the miracle of ginseng benefits for hair. That’s why we summarized it here.

First, scientists tested mice by giving them testosterone-induced delays of anagen entry (aka TES), which is essentially the same reason age-related balding patterns occur. Then, to probe the ginseng benefits for hair, they treated some with a ginseng solution and others with a control. Where TES blocks the body’s ability to keep producing hair, part of the key ginseng benefits for hair is that it can reverse that process, allowing new hair to grow again. It induces that anagenic hair growth phase, allowing for a reversal of balding patterns.

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