Why You See Propanediol on So Many Labels

Propanediol is kind of like the MVP of cosmetics: it does a little bit of everything. You’ll see it listed on labels on everything from mascara to body wash to this hair growth formula! Don’t worry about the scary name -- despite how it may sound at first, propanediol is actually 100% all natural. The chemical term propanediol refers to a naturally occurring molecule found in corn sugars, harvested as an alternative to the lab-grown propylene glycol. 

Propanediol is great for promoting the humectancy of a product -- that means it attracts moisture to the skin and seals it in, helping our product prevent itchy, dry scalps. A well protected scalp is key to a great head of hair; it’s where the follicles are after all! 

Plus unlike its more common synthetic counterpart, the National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that propanediol is far less irritating for your skin than the petrochemical-derived propylene glycol. Clearly what’s bad for the environment is also bad for your hair!

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