How coconut oil helps boost thick hair

Experiencing hair damage? Feeling discouraged in your pursuit of healthy, thick hair? Both thin and thick hair alike can experience damage at the strands, where they are relatively thinnest. Scientists call this the weakest link theory of hair damage -- your hair will break wherever the strand is thinnest compared to the rest of it, no matter if you have objectively thick hair. If you want to maintain a full crown of thick hair you need to protect it from that damage, which is where coconut oil comes in.

Regular usage of coconut oil has been lab proven to decrease the variability of thickness in hair strands, preventing and mitigating damage that thins out spots of thick hair. In fact, hair swatch studies have proven that regular coconut oil washes are 30% more effective than a regular shampoo and conditioner cycle. Get thick hair, undamaged and protected with coconut oil.

Ready for thicker hair?